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With over 50 years of combined experience, our licensed contractors are well-versed in the application of "shotcrete", a wet-mix concrete material that is conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto any type or shape of surface.  This technique is ideal in pool construction and erosion control.  It is an alternative to the dry-mix method known as "gunite" because of its strength of 3,000 to 4,000 psi.  It is so strong that California Department of Transportation utilizes shotcrete in the construction of bridges, highways and seismic retrofits.

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Shotcrete Services For:

  •  Swimming Pool Construction

  •  Erosion Control

  •  Retaining Walls

  •  Wing Walls

  •  Structural Walls

  •  Drainage Ditches

  •  Culverts

  •  Spill Ways

  •  Water Channels

  •  Bridges & Road

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Swimming Pools and Decks

Our professionals specialize in new pool installation, remodeling and concrete repairs. Our crew will excavate or demolish your existing pool and remove debris to prepare the space for construction. We utilize shotcrete to ensure that your new dream pool has consistent strength and resists leaks for years to come.


We also build, remodel and repair existing pool decks implementing designer appeal, slip resistance, sun reflectivity and orientation to suit almost any setting and budget lifestyle.  Stamped and colored concrete are excellent choices that emulate the look of stone or tile.  Our experts will transform your property affordably utilizing durable, low maintenance options.

Erosion Control

We have extensive experience in the construction of retaining walls, wing walls and structural walls to prevent and control erosion from destroying your property.  Shotcrete stabilizes hillsides and protects slopes by creating a strong, durable, fire, mold and insect resistant surface. This cost-effective building method is quick and efficient on complex forms such as curved walls and arches. Decorative and natural looking surfaces can be applied to these surfaces, adding curb appeal.

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Shotcrete for Swimming Pool

Shotcrete for Pool Construction


Erosion Control Wall


Erosion Control Wall