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At UIS Concrete & Demolition, no job is too big or small. Our skilled and experienced technicians can cut, break or core anything.  We will create accurate and smooth openings for concrete at any width or depth without negatively impacting the structural integrity.  Call us for a Free Estimate and consultation on how our licensed and insured professionals will get to the core of your project.

Concrete Cutting & Coring Precisely

  • Cut a small or large opening for HVAC ducts

  • Cut a window or door opening

  • Break pillars and footings

  • Create openings in floors for new plumbing & electrical conduits

  • Trench Cutting for plumbing & electrical

  • Drill holes


Our company has access to a full range of well-maintained and reliable equipment for any size project, including chipping guns, jackhammers and hydraulic rams on bobcats, backhoes and excavators. We employ cutting techniques and equipment best suited to the specific project and location.

Concrete Cutting Services:

Flatsawing: Straight cuts in concrete and asphalt to a depth of 23".

Wall Sawing: Horizontal and vertical cuts in block, brick or reinforced concrete to a depth of 24".

 Hand Sawing: Cuts in difficult access areas to a depth of 9".

Jack Hammering: Utilized in small areas when large equipment is not accessible.


We will safely and thoroughly remove and haul away all materials and debris upon project completion.  We recycle all materials including concrete, brick, asphalt, steel, lumber, green waste and electrical waste at local facilities in San Diego, Chula Vista and, Lakeside.

Cutting Methods:

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On Concrete Cutting and Coring

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