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Whether you need to demolish an existing structure or clean-up a construction site to make way for future development, you need the professionals at UIS Concrete & Demolition. Our experienced crews will safely and efficiently clear and prepare your property for whatever is next.  Call our experts for a free estimate and consultation to determine what is needed to plan and execute your demolition and removal from start to finish.  

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We Tear It Down So You Can Build It Up

Demolition involves the complete tear-down of a building or structure, either manually or using hydraulic equipment. Deconstruction is a more "green" approach to removing and separating materials by type (concrete, steel, wood, sod) for either reuse, recycling or disposal, minimizing the amount of materials ending up in landfills.  We offer both demolition and deconstruction, and will safely haul away all materials and debris leaving your commercial project ready for the next step.

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Project Types:

  • Commercial/Retail – Low & High Rise Offices & Shopping Centers

  • Hospitality – Hotels & Recreational Facilities

  • Housing – Condominiums & Multi-Family

  • Institutional – Schools, Universities & Government Buildings

  • Medical – Hospitals & Clinics

  • Military – Housing

Demolition Services:

  • Total Building/Structural Demolition

  • Deconstruction

  • Cosmetic Demolition

  • Interior Demolition

  • Soft and Hard Demolition

  • Hydro-Demolition - High Pressure Water Jetting

  • Concrete Cutting, Coring & Removal

On Commercial Demolitions

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  • Historic Preservation

  • Pool Removal

  • Construction Site Cleanup

  • Salvage & Recovery

  • Roll-Off Service (Demolition Dumpsters)

  • Environmental Demolition

  • Waste Reduction & Material Recycling